Bits & Pieces

Here are a collection of miscellaneous articles that didn’t quite fit elsewhere on the website

Useful Sources for Hosta Addicts

We have found all the web sources below useful but cannot vouch for their complete accuracy. If you can recommend any source not on our list, please email us with details (see Contact page). AMERICAN HOSTA SOCIETY The daddy of all hosta societies. A lot of the info is...

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Reverting Hostas

Above. H. June (seven years old) with reverted leaves. A very common question is ‘Why do my variegated hostas sometimes come up with plain green (or blue) leaves?  And what should I do about it? Occasionally an anxious customer will tell us that their prized specimen...

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Collecting Mouse Hostas

If you are into miniature hostas you will almost certainly already have H. ‘Blue Mouse Ears’. This is a wonderful, inexpensive (£6.00 from us) hosta which looks like its name. The leaves are blue, shaped like a mouse’s ear and wonderfully thick – more than a match for...

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